How I Computer – Workflow 101

Computer interface usability wasn’t something I read in a book, or studied in school. Over nearly three decades, I’ve been friend and colleague to some of the brightest computer users no one’s ever heard of, and back in the day of LAN parties, late night code sessions, and network administration, a foundation was set from […]

How I Computer – Building an Office Desktop

Way back in the 1980’s, when I was a whee lad, my parents brought home a ColecoVision system, a 4-bit powerhouse of home entertainment, loaded to the heavens with a 12-button dial pad controller and an annoying knob paddle-joystick. The ergonomics were terrible, the responsiveness of the controller was “okay at best”, and overall usability […]

Future of Personal Computing

The idea of hyper-portable, fully operational, business-productive, pocket-able computers shouldn’t be too far fetched. The Nexus 5 phone I carry around can handle 75% of my day-to-day business tasks with very little trouble these days as it is. Where it falls short is: sitting down and getting real work handled.  Overcoming the obstacle of carrying […]

Hello, World

World, you’re broken, you’re perfect. Political corruption in the form of lobbyists is actively strangling progression to a better today and stifling tomorrow. Religion still plays a role in government even though we’re free of it in our Constitution. Racism runs rampant, tolerance for difference is truly rare. Humanity hates itself, and here we are. […]

How-To: Photoshop Face Replacement

Sometimes when I browse around the web I see images that match others pretty well and wonder what it would look like to marry them together. I used to do this all the time, back in the day, when Photoshop was still “new hotness” and digital airbrushing was something I could make a living on. […]

How To: Abandon Flickr for Picasa

I’ve been a loyal Flickr user since early 2007, and a Flickr Pro user since June of the same year. So far, I’ve spent $124.75 being a member of the photo sharing site, and it’s been worth it, until now. I’m jumping ship from Flickr to Picasa for a multitude of reasons, the final straw was Google+, the new […]